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Academicgrader.com is a reputable online academic writing platform with over 10+ years in business. Our company has a global outlook, offering a wide range of educational assistance. We have a team of professional writers purposed to always deliver high-quality papers on time and with no plagiarism. Our support team is readily available to guide clients and writers, enabling a smooth working environment. Ease and improve your academics at the most affordable rates!

Frequently Asked Questions

1How can I pace an essay with you?
Request us to write your paper by clicking “Order Now” or “Place an order” and the system will automatically guide you. You can also contact our support team to assist or check the guides provided on our page, “How To Order.”
2Do you offer any discount?
Yes. We provide discounts to our clients on their first order and referrals. We always understand and reason with the client’s budget. Always contact our support team.
3How will I get my paper after it is completed?
Upon completion, we will upload the paper so you can download it at your convenience. We will also contact you. Upon clients demand, we can also email it to you. Always contact our support for help.
4What do editing/proofreading service mean?
Editing/proofreading services comprise already done papers and the client may need it improved (better grammar, better content quality, eliminate plagiarism etc.) or even rewrite the paper from scratch.
5Can you guarantee high-quality work?
We have a team of top-grade scholars skilled in diverse subjects. Be assured of the best from us. Welcome!
6What if am not satisfied with the done paper?
With a team of skilled writers, we always provide satisfactory services to our clients. Notably, we offer free revisions upon client demands till expectations are met.
1Can you assure confidentiality in your services?
Safety and confidentiality is our core value. We always ensure to deliver unique papers to our clients, protect their contact details and safe payment methods. Our policy is comprehensive and inclusive of safety/confidentially guarantee to facilitate a good working environment with our clients.
2Do I have to pay upfront?
We always advise our clients to pay upfront for commitment assurance and insure our writers. You are always guaranteed back your money till you are satisfied with our services.
3Are there services you offer for free?
Yes. Whenever you post a paper with us, we offer formatting, revisions and plagiarism reports for free. Welcome!
4Can I see samples of your work to place mine?
Yes. Always contact our support team. They will show corresponding papers for preview.
5Can I hire a writer to do all my paper?
Yes. Place your order and request the writer. You can also contact the support team and they will guide you. Welcome!

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